How To Submit Your Website

Website submission to search engines and site directories is most of the time, done the wrong way. In order to experience the best results from performing correct search engine and directory submissions.

Process your search engine submissions and directory submissions singly.

Nearly all people incorrectly think that search engines and website directories are not different. Something to keep in mind is that, a search engine uses a program that examines websites for particular keywords and brings back a list of results of documents. Furthermore a search engine is compiled of two separate parts, a crawler and an indexer. The crawler is the program that uncovers the websites, and the indexer, piles up, analyzes and stores data to perform fast and accurate selective information recovery.

A URL directory counts on individuals for there site listings. The main difference between a search engine and a URL directory is that a URL directory doesn’t use of a spider or robot. In other words, a URL directory wont list your website if you do not list it with the URL directory. Site directories are mostly separated into specific categories and you must submit your URL inside the most appropriate category.

Because the search engines and directories are so different, you must prepare your submittal strategies on an individual basis.

Here’s Just A Few Search Engine Submission Strategies For Your Website.

To receive the best listings in the search engine and directory queries, your keywords and keyword phrases need be positioned strategically within your website.

Some other components that impact search engine results are the layout of your site, keyword density, keyword prominence, and where you place your keywords.

Be sure to submit all your single website pages to the search engines. You can only submit your main page to all the URL directories.

In general, we opt to present 4-7 web pages at a time to the search engines to head off a spam penalty. With this in mind, we do not recommend that you present the same web pages to the major search engines within a few days of each other.

We suggest that you need to get your homepage admitted into a directory and then attempt to have your other targeted pages admitted. In that way you will stand a better probability of having more web pages indexed in a directory if your homepage has been indexed initially.

The time between site submission and being added to the search engines or URL directory results is known as the lead time.

We are complete believers in utilizing quality URL statistics programs. In fact, we do not believe that any person can have a flourishing web based business without it.

You will be able to see the effects of your SEO and backlink development exertions in your URL statistics. You will be able to discover the keyword terms used, the websites that are sending you the most referrals, the type of website browsers used to visit your homepage, what time of day your web page is looked at, and so on. Studying this info. will establish you a more decipherable profile of your websites traffic.

Afterwards, applying this information, you can tweak the HTML and subject matter to best suit your potential clients.

An home based online business that practices SEO as a internet marketing strategy, will use this submittal, watching, and tweaking system. Web page submission is a ceaseless, ongoing project due to the fact that search engines constantly change their relevancy algorithms.

We suggest that you resubmit a URL to all the search engines every 30 days or if there was a substantial modification to a website or if a page has been missing from the results.

If your site has been listed into a URL directory, you can then submit specialized pages within your site to other categories in the directories. If your web page has been listed to a URL directory, you should not have to submit it again unless your site has radically changed and now you belong in a different category.

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