Unique Article Wizard For Link Building

There is plenty of nonsensical information “out there” on how one can make a living on the internet with affiliate marketing. This post should be something different, something that one can make use of to start earning cash on the web with internet marketing. And the way I’m going to do that is by making it specific. This is laid out in an easy to follow four step process.

The first step is to sign up with Unique Article Wizard. This costs $67 a month but it is worth far more than that if you use it effectively. It is worth investing some cash on a system which allows you to greatly leverage your work, and this definitely does just that.

The second step is to join an affiliate program that you wish to advertise. I am recommending for the purposes of this that you promote this Clickbank Diet Affiliate Program which you can earn 75% commissions with.

Step three is to setup a landing site that promotes the affiliate program. You should make different landing pages which target different keyword phrases. One excample would be setting up a page that targets the keyword “Easy Weight Loss.”

The fourth step is to write a quality article that contains two links back to your target site. You can also be able to include two more links in the resource box which makes a total of 4 back links. You will be able to “spin” this article so that each version of the article will be different. This is done to avoid the dreaded duplicate content filter that Google uses.

This spinning technique allows you to spin the links so you can get links back to many different websites with a single article submission. You can spin the anchor text as well.

The last step is to do step four over and over again until you’ve got the SERPS you need. This will take time and effort. I’m not going to lie to you and say that it’s going to happen overnight or that it’s easy. This will take work. But with the help of Unique Article Wizard you can build up enough links in the long run to get good search engine rankings which will help you get some high quality traffic which leads to you making money!

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  1. Jaden Flores says:

    I use Clickbank together with Infolinks on my Blog. You can earn a lot in Clickbank if you just concentrae more on US traffic ,

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