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What is Simply Stupid SEO ?

Please note that I am promoting this ‘Simply Stupid SEO’ as an affiliate. The reason that I am promoting this is you can get the basic working part of the system free. You need to pay only for advanced stuff.

Now, what is Simply Stupid SEO ?

Every SEO professional know the difficulty involved to get to the page one of Google search results even for long tail keywords. There is a tedious SEO process involved… finding the right keywords, optimizing (if not contorting) on-page content, building relevant links and so on. Still there is no guarantee of being on page one and remaining there forever. Competition or no competition, it gives an SEO professional great pride to bring a web page into the first page of Google SERPs.

If there is a possibility of getting into the first page of Google within a few minutes… well that is a wonderful opportunity for SEO professional or anyone making a living on the internet.

There’s a new system that has just arrived on the scene that offers everyday people just like you and me to achieve page one, top ten results on Google using nothing but a free one-page mini-site! You do not even need to know about SEO. I was a bit skeptical at first, but when I tried, it worked! Of course, you have to build a page on a website (which is very easy) and you need to take some care to include your targeted keyword prominently. Your page appears on the first page of Google search results within one hour. But be careful, do not spam. The site is strictly moderated and obviously, Google trusts this site. If you are somewhat careful about content and do not fill your page with spam content, you have a great chance of getting targeted traffic for free. It takes weeks, even months, to achieve the same result with normal SEO.

Although these sites are only one page, they are consistently dominating the search engines and blowing away many heavily SEO optimized sites, in fact it’s not unusual to see these sites within the top five positions where the competition runs into tens of millions. Therefore, it is important to get your keywords right and you make it a sales page. It may not be effective if you try to redirect traffic from your minisite.

Phil Henderson has created this Simple SEO System that has a free video that allows you to watch over his shoulder as he select a product to promote, builds a simple one page site and presses submit and then watch as the site hits the top of Google in a matter of minutes. It truly is amazing!

Then I tried this Simply Stupid SEO myself and it worked for me too. I did not pay a penny. So, I have decided to promote it. Phil has created an easy to follow-step-by-step process that a six-year-old child could follow. He wants this system to be available to all as it truly is a game changer.

Click on the banner below to go straight to the website and watch the free video.

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9 Responses to “What is Simply Stupid SEO ?”

  1. Justin Potthoff says:

    Online marketing tools are very helpful in making the whole process automatic. You set up a necessary data only once and push a button to submit your details. The tools take care of the rest. With the advancement in the technology most of the tools that are available today have this push button technology. Almost every successful internet marketer uses tools that automates many of the processes. This saves their time which they utilize to market their business elsewhere.

  2. Ismael Imes says:

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  3. Gil Maeder says:

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  4. Lue Cabe says:

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  5. Esme Fisher says:

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  7. Logan Robinson says:

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