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Free Blog Content to Run Your Blog on Autopilot ( Open only till 7 days from now )

Just an hour ago, I got an email from Brad Callen. He said it is a huge surprise. But I am quite familiar with his ways. I have benefited immensely by using his SEO software and learned a lot about SEO / SEM by watching his videos. So, it really didn’t surprise me. Brad Callen comes up with something interesting and useful every time. I don’t want to miss whatever he offers. Therefore, I immediately jumped on this when he said he is opening his free content for blogs scheme this week for new publishers to get in. I found it to be very useful and I am sharing the information with you.

In fact, I am promoting this offer as an affiliate. It is FREE to join and what you get is FREE content to your blogs or websites on almost any topic. If you are too desperate for free and unique content click on Give me free content for my blog  straightaway. You need to be quick with that because the offer is open for just 7 days. If you want to learn more about the free blog content system, read further.

Free and regular content for blogs or websites is available from other sources as well. This time, Brad Callen has some incentives for you as well. For each blog / website that you add to receive free content, you get $1 as an incentive and you can earn through referrals. But it is nothing compared to the value of content that you will be receiving. Good content is so scarce these days. It is very common that we often run out of ideas for content. Every webmaster knows about the need for fresh content.  

With this new free content for blogs system, your blog is in autopilot mode. Posts are made automatically to your blog regularly. You have the option to either automatically approve articles or can choose to approve them manually. Adding your blogs is very simple process. You need to have remote publishing enabled in your blog settings, create an author user and submit this information. That’s it.

So, what is the catch? It is the usual procedure. Whenever you publish other’s articles, they usually contain links to other websites. That is very common and acceptable. These links are also useful for readers of your blog. A couple of links do not do any harm to your blog post. Another concern that you may have is about the uniqueness of articles. You can set the percentage of content to be rewritten. You can set it up to 30%, enough to be unique. If you are in doubt, you can set the approval mode to manual and check the article for uniqueness. A good article costs you anywhere between $2-$20. So, even if you get 30 articles per month (you can get upto a maximum of 5 articles per day), you got $100+ dollars worth of content. Moreover, we all know how important it is to update a blog regularly.

You can even distribute your articles for free (This is limited to early birds; all 100 spots for the current batch are filled within 15 minutes). If you are lucky enough next time, you can distribute your articles to 100s of blogs in no time. Just imagine the SEO impact of that. So, if you get into the system now, you can benefit as both a publisher and advertiser.

And most importantly, once you get into Brad Callen’s scheme of things and he can really surprise you with such wonderful things in the future and he can help you to be successful with your online ventures. So, jump straight to this SEO landmine of Free Content for your blogs. Remember its open for next 7 days only.

So, be fast and click here to join Free Blog Content Network

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