The Profit Spy

the profit spy

The Profit Spy by Kunj K And Kish V has been scheduled to go live on the 2nd of December of this year and is definitely going to be a massive hit. It’s definitely possible that you’ve never heard of these two guys before. I know I hadn’t, but that’s because they have been completely underground for five years. They have been raking in a ton of money in those five years though and now they have agreed to share their underground tactics with the world.

While they aren’t giving away much information as to what they are unveiling yetThey haven’t given out much information of the product that they will be unveiling yet, they are making a good effort to connect with users through facebook during the pre-launchthey are trying to make an effort to connect to their users through facebook during the pre-launch period. Just by answering a simple question and adding them as a friend on facebook meansIf you just add them as a friend on facebook and then answer a very simple question then you could win an iPod nanoyou could win a brand new Ipod nano. Crazy right? They are giving away a new iPod nano each week during the pre-launch period.

I’m not entirely positive on where these guys have made most of their money, but in my opinion its probably from clickbank and CPA networks. They have said that what they are going to be revealing is the one powerful free traffic method they have used in the past to generate a huge online profit. They aren’t going to focus on multiple old-hat free traffic methods. They are just giving out what works, so that is quite a welcome change to the type of products being released by a lot of people just wanting to get into the guru game.

Both men have released many different products in different niches through clickbank in the past five years and both have had those products rank in the top 10 for their respective categories so I think that it’s safe to say that these guys know a bit about what they are talking about.

Now, the price hasn’t been unvealed yet but I now for sure that it is going to be lower than you think. I also have been informed that the price will go higher after the first offering so make sure that on the launch date you log in early so that you will be granted the lower, early bird price.

Of course, I am giving away an incredible bonus with this product. If you make the decision to take your online business to the next level and you purchase The Profit SpyI’m going to allow you to get free silver membership to CBAutoBot. This is an online software that connects to clickbank’s api and automatically subscribes your customers to your autoresponder. Essentially generating you a buyers list automatically. This has the ability to save you a ton of time exporting and importing manually. Not only that, but you will also be able to basically automate making more money by simply adding new messages to your autoresponder to be sent direcetly to people that you know for sure are buyers. In order to get this amazing bonus offer just go to

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