The Disadvantages Of Some SEO Services And The Damage They Can Do To Your Website

There are many search engine optimisation services out there which are increasingly growing in popularity. It is hardly surprising that some people look for SEO services especially if they need to get their websites performing well in the search engines in order to make a living. Even though there are many genuine SEO services available, there are a number too who are not so genuine and it is these services which could have a bad effect on how your website performs in the long run. The biggest worry is that an SEO service employing ‘black hat’ techniques could get you banned completely from a search engine.


What are ‘Black Hat’ SEO Techniques?


Black hat SEO refers to using techniques which are against the search engine terms of service. The fact that these techniques provide absolutely no value whatsoever yet give an advantage to the website owner is the main reason why they are frowned upon. One type of black hat technique is spamdexing which tries to fool the search engines with the use of spam. Another example are link farms which use inbound links from a site specifically designed to provide these links. Because these techniques are frowned upon by those managing the search engines, it is highly likely that any website using them will be banned.


Why do some SEO companies employ such dishonest tactics?


Every SEO company that you come across will promise you results so they are under pressure to achieve these results and may get desperate. Black hat techniques can work in the short term and the customer is going to be pleased when they see their website appearing higher in the search engine results. Most customers will be very satisfied and will pay up their money eagerly. Many will fail to connect the dots when they are later banned from the search engine or suddenly disappear off the radar. In many instances you won’t get removed completely from the search engine but will fall so low in the rankings that you may as well be.


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