Yet another Google news

Google making headlines again.
more and more business move their business online and eve low tech companies like my self are turning to Google for help in acquiring customers.

in my line of business  NY Towing Service  i do most of my anno Domini in Google and indeed 90% of the   roadside assistance service  or  Cheap Towing  customers comes from Google.

That’s why i am always happy to report about an interesting stories related to Google.

American trade lull to purchase the approved Google advertising company AdMob. Also, the company launched a dependable search engine 

Google releases, protective. Search elephantine was informed today that the U.S. Trade Commission decided to close the investigation of the acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob by the Company. Commerce Commission did so after determining that a unification of two companies did not significantly affect the online advertising market competition. And Google have to admit that actually Apple. 

The Commission issued notice that stated that the investigation had early concerns about the approval of the deal, but then Apple decided to enter the online advertising market with the iAd beginning, making the market much more competitive. 

AdMob was acquired by Google in November 2009, the amount of 750 million dollars. This is one of the largest mobile advertising platform in the world, with more than 7 1000000000000 banner ads are shown each month on portable devices. 

Looking for a lock 

Beyond that, Google launched today its secure search page, where the communication is encrypted using SSL protocol. This is the first major search engine offers the possibility to the user. 

Secure page traffic intercepting method can not be used to spy, but only modified security of Google’s pages, not sites that are search results.

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  1. Monex says:

    Googles acquisition of DoubleClick has turned the company into double the online advertising juggernaut that it once was with a total advertising market share of 69 according to Attributors study..Google enjoys a 35 share of advertising to unique users while DoubleClick enters the Googleplex with its own 34 .

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