The British Spouse Visa Explained In Depth For The Pakistani Community

In this report we are going to discuss the procedure of getting a visa for your spouse to come to the UK under the current immigrations rules.

If you want to marry another person who is a overseas national and intend to settle in the UK, I hope my story can help you comprehend the process much better so that you perceive what to anticipate in the future.

I met my wife many years ago on a website and we got conversing to each other and soon after we organized to get together. My wife is from Russia and like many nations outside of the European Union suffers from corruption.

Phase One Getting married Abroad

I had to offer notice of marriage in my local Register Office for 15 days and after that period was over I had to take the notice of marriage and get an genuine Foreign & Commonwealth Office stamp to show its authenticity. I then presented all these documents to the local Russian authorities.  Quickly after I was granted permission to marry and right after our nuptial ceremony we had been handed a little document that was our marriage certificate that we both had to sign in the presence of two witnesses who additionally had to sign the document.

Phase Two Organising Your Documents

I then telephoned the British Embassy in Moscow and requested a day for an meeting to make an application for an entry clearance visa to the UK for my spouse.

I had to be really organised with both our documents which I will talk about furtherlmore in the paragraphs to follow. My tip here is to get a file with crystal clear plastic sleeves and organize your paperwork in simple to understand order. You want to keep it as easy as achievable for the consular officer with out him having to dig into mountains of paper.

Evidence of Financial Circumstance

Basically you need to prove that if your partner is granted a visa, after that you will be able to support them for the two year probation interval in which they are residing in the UK with out recourse to public funds. So you need bank statements and pay slips showing frequent earnings coming into your bank accounts and usually have enough monies to be able to support both your self and your partner.

Proof of Residence

Essentially you need to prove that you possess somewhere appropriate for your spouse to live after they arrive in this country. This may be a tenancy agreement if you are leasing or mortgage statement if you own your property.

Proof of Nationality

A notarised photocopy of your passport information page is sufficient to satisfy this requirement or a stamp in your passport to show that you are not under immigrations control in the UK.

Sponsors Letter

A letter essentially conveying your intentions to settle with your partner in the UK and requesting the applicable visa.

Step 3 The Visa Interview

This is most likely the most tense portion of the complete process where the consular officer will interview you and your spouse individually to verify that the relationship is true and that your intention is to dwell collectively in the United Kingdom with out the likelihood of recourse to public cash.

My tip here is to take along with you, pictures of your nuptial exhibiting you and your partner together together with household and guests. Additionally consider getting quite a few emails or hand written letters or any other kind of correspondence displaying your contact with each other before the marriage. Make sure that you and your wife comprehend the answers to typical inquiries like, which is his favourite food? Do you want to have children? What do you think of each other’s families? How will you adapt to living in the UK? Etc

If the consular officer discovers that your paperwork are all in order and that your relationship and intentions to settle in the UK are real after that they will issue your partner with a stamp on their passport which says “Entry Clearance, No recourse to public funds”

Phase 4 Application For Indefinite Leave To Remain In The UK

This is the last part of the procedure right after 2 years of living in the UK and again involves the submission of much more documents. You will need to show that you have been cohabiting as husband & wife for the last two years. You will also have to display that you still possess the financial capability to go on supporting your spouse.

For this component of the process you will require 20 paperwork with a lot of documents displaying you and your partners names collectively. You can use a joint account statement or a gas bill. A few correspondence can have simply your spouse’s name on it, for example a medical certificate. There are a good number of paperwork if you ponder it for instance mobile phone bills, tv licence, eclectic bill, Council tax, water bill Etc

Additionally your spouse will need to pass and receive certificate for the Life In The UK citizenship test or ESOL course.

My Tip for this aspect is that you should start to gather your paperwork as soon as achievable. They want to see a constant flow of paperwork throughout the two year time period and not simply dated the few months ahead of your application for indefinite leave to remain. Once again organize the documents in a suitable folder and make it straightforward for the immigrations officer to be able to find every single doc.

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