The One Thing Holding Google Sniper Back

Gsniper is one of the most successful and most often sold “how-to-make-money-online” products ever released. People have flocked to it in masses and it appears everyone is busy creating “Sniper Sites” and trying to make them profitable. There is one big flaw in the GSniper System, however and you have to understand how the technique works, in order to understand it.

The Premise

Let’s try to analyze what it is about The Google Sniper method that makes it so well-liked: Put as simply as possible, the system promises to teach anyone how to generate “mini-sites” in a very short time and how to turn each of those mini-sites into a small, passive income stream. And here’s the big thing: this product claims that you can get visitors to these websites for free and without having to build any backlinks, do any article-marketing or social bookmarking or any of that other stuff that usually represents the bulk of an online marketer’s work.

This is what sets Gsniper apart from all the rest: The idea that you can get your website ranked on the first page of Google without building any backlinks to it!

Can this really be possible, or is it just an empty promise?

The short answer is: Yes, that is really possible.

The Issue

So, where’s the problem? The Google Sniper system unfortunately goes awfully wrong when it teaches you about how to select a product that you want to promote on one of your websites and how to pick a keyword (aka a search term) that you want to target for getting the site ranked in Google.

Let’s deal with the problem with selecting a product, first: Google Sniper simply teaches you to go to ClickBank (a huge marketplace of downloadable products) and select one of the products from the “best-sellers” list. I.e. a product that is being sold in large numbers already. This makes some sense, since if a product is doing well, you know that it’s sales-page is converting visitors into buyers and that it’s a product addressing a real demand.

On the other hand, the most popular products are also the ones that are being promoted by the largest number of affiliates. Quite simply, you’ll be up against numerous knowledgeable, skilled marketers, all competing to advertise the identical product.

Combine this with one of the keyphrase research suggestions and it spells catastrophy: The advice given in the ebook is to simply go for the product name, either on it’s own or with another words (like “review”) appended.

Let me be blunt about this: You will not get a sniper site ranked for the product name of a popular ClickBank product.. There are very savvy marketers shooting for those keywords and without a very strong link-building system, your mini-site won’t ever show up on the first page of the search results.

In Conclusion

I’m not saying that Google Sniper doesn’t work. It does and it is a valid and very interesting system. But it relies on you finding a keyword that a sniper site can has a chance at ranking for. And in order to find keywords like that, you’ll have to spend some time doing keyword research.

Overall, GSniper is very well put together and I can recommend it. Just make sure to ignore the advice about picking products and keywords and the rest of the system outlined will serve you very well.

Click here to watch my Google Sniper Videos.

Also watch my Google Sniper videos to see how to improve upon the system very easily.

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