Baclofen Pump

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relatively low and shortness of breath ensues promptly
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the hair is to be prevented. A hundred strokes of pre-
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James Webster, occurs in a periodical which enjoyed but a brief exist-
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In this series, 13 of the 14 intrauterine deaths oc-
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24th. The disease has spread over the whole face. He continues much
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but a short distance from the locality in which the disease originated, fre-
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A very copious general index to the five volumes is also presented here: upon
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of silver, etc., on the delicate epithelial cells of the villi, for although
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lar condition of the intracranial organs. Dr. Ogle's remarks.
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forced into the animaPs stomach. In the present paper, M. Let-
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animals. Touatt observes that in dogs it oftenest occurs in young ones, and after
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again subdivided into polyhedral masses by delicate septa, the
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recurred twice ; and a relapse after a rupture, the direction of which
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Convention of the Physicians of Kentucky. — A convention of the Physicians of
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the ordinary source of the irritation firom which sympathetic
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be enforced in every school-room for the benefit of the
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as noticed in a preceding part of this No., (see pp. 188-191.) He applied mer-
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tween the ribs) which sends branches to supply the skin
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the intestine and the tonsils, to be the seat of the changes
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sor Pelletan, on which we propose to add a few remarks at the end of the pre-
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1 Dr. Richardson has promised « to try the effects upon the optic-nerve and
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highly interesting cases, recorded by Thore, and quoted nrom the ' Ann. Med.
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tigation of which their service affords special facilities, may be
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presents a view of the general movement of the population to which the two
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or disease, required to be kept in the recumbent position; and this, no doubt,
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nuclears (one nucleus) is indicative of a primary a
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preservation for the future, so fiir as human foresight extends, may
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absence of all cerebral symptoms, the want of any aberration of the intellec-
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not walking like their fathers did, but motoring or
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character of the wheals is characteristic of hives. At-

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