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gruel this morning. R. — Tr. aconite, gtt. v, every third hour. Continue

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as reservoirs for the blood and air that are needed for the nourish

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subjects among our surgeons at large, who, as a rule,

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this attitude was an honest one; and the third class

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The disastrous effects that occasionally have been met with arise from

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conditions never prescribe such ;i thing as digitalis. The

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uncommon to compel the residence of all persons detained at quarantine, on

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Prophylaxis can be reduced to two fundamental factors — destruction

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The practical value of the application of these facts to ob-

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American Neurological Association, etc., etc 8vo, cloth, 571 pages,

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ter the stomach was found either empty or nearly empty.

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but the information given, if it is positive, is so important that it must be

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contaminated even by a single smoker is readily perceived bv

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method of treatment. Other methods of treatment are

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"That we have never had such a low mortality with our mildest epidemics and our

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10 Weil, Cent. f. Bakt., 1906. xli, 121. Bail and Weil, Cent. f. Bakt.. 1906,

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•called on the chief of police and explained the object of

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increased, and the lesions themselves were much more pronounced.

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\"HAT Constitutes Clinical Tuberculosis in Adults? By

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found absent. In this case the discernment of the surgeon is sorely

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312 Contributions to the Study of some Thoracic Diseases.

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Medical Sciences, Dr. Isaac Hays, of Philadelphia, a gentleman known

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Case 2. — Stanley C, aet. 8 months, is a first child. His

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done by leaving the rein of the latter rather slack, the chief

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canal, the genital tract, or urinary passages, where

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Section iti Surgery, on Monday evening, the 9ih in.<t., Dr. George E.

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and allow the mucous membrane to resume its normal function, while in

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liar with American quarantine, that there is not that

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abdominal surgery, the author doubted if it would ever be prac-

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tempore, of tin. The tin splint is, however, rigid and

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yet be quite free from blood. There are certain substances which,

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