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The Basics of Marketing on Twitter

Scenario: You’ve done all you can think of to get followers – yet still not seeing the massive targeted traffic. Right? If that’s you, then of course you have pondered your situation there at Twitter.

Turning Your Twitter Followers Into Paying Clients

Once you have a good following (100-500 people) try to turn some of them into useful personal contacts. Real contacts are much more valuable than Twitter followers and are more likely to make you money.The question is then – How can your turn your Twitter followers into personal contacts? The first thing that you should [...]

Want To Make Money Using Twitter?

The hints and tips below will help you make money by using Twitter as a marketing tool… – Talk to people instead of selling to them Although it is common to see, you should not just post links in your status update box. It is true that this is a form of advertising, but it [...]

Great Twitter Applications For Everyone

Some twitter applications work from your computer’s desktop, others work from online websites, and others work from cell phones. They are mostly free, but some of them you do have to pay for. Of the many Twitter applications currently available, these are considered to be the best…

10 ways digital marketing misunderstands social media

So how do digital departments get it wrong? well there are a number of ways and all of which i will try to point out to you in the following article,. a) Digital marketing and actual PR style marketing are very different, normally PR people do not have a talent for the technical b) Digital [...]

Are You keeping Up With RealTime in The Computer World?

First speech was an introduction into how realtime has become so vital and how it leads the way with breaking news stories, such as the death of Michael Jackson and how Google and Bing argued over deals with Twitter. Basically nothing you haven’t heard before, just mosey along now. The second speaker is Rob Walk [...]

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