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This very morning Marketing Profs’ CCO Ann Handley confessed to taking a look at G+ before Twitter. And it isn’t so suprising that quite a few marketers and VCs have come aboard. I’ll admit that I am just getting started myself, but here are the two things I’m really excited about:

  1. Google+ is turning out to be an excellent marketing strategy to share your content with a targeted demographic.  Marketers should take note. TechCrunch has published that Google+ has turned out to be one of its top 10 traffic referrers in a matter of days since its official launch.  In the same manner, I recall reading a blog post the previous week where the blogger mentioned Google+ as being the top three referrer to his site. Even if you are not seeingsimilar results from your Google+ efforts, I’ll bet in time it will start to bring in as much traffic to your content marketing efforts as Twitter and LinkedIn.  You’ll need to dedicate enough time and effort to successfully grow your engagements on Google+.
  2. Google+ possesses the capability to enable you to share fascinating news and developments with your influencers. Among my favorite features of Google+ is circles. Circles allow you to segment the people you follow into various groupings and share specific content with particular groups.  So how does this make sense for influencer marketing? Now you can easily share hot news solely with your influencers and keep updated on what they’re presently interested in.

As I’ve mentioned, I am not an expert so I took the time to compile a short list of some stellar resources to help Google+ beginners get started:

  • 25 Google Plus Resources, Articles, and Reviews to Help You Get Started from Pam Dyer:  How to get started, top tips, and infographics
  • 19 Essential Google+ resources from  Pros and Cons, cheat sheets to keyword shortcuts, how to import contacts, and a lot more
  •  An excellent directory to aid you in finding nearly anyone on Google+

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