SEO Basics – A Beginner’s Guide

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Search engine optimization (or just SEO) is the method of getting ranked in the search engines on the basis of the quality and popularity of your website alone. SEO should be your long term objective because, after your initial investment, you continue to get visitors to your website for very little outlay, and quite possibly even for free.

To succeed with SEO, the first step is to establish what exact search terms, also known as keywords, your potential customers are using when searching for your products and services online. It also allows you to identify and target specific niches. For example, approximately 3 times as many people type ‘kitchen door handles’ in to a search engine each month than they do ‘internal door handles’, despite them being essentially the same item. The next step is the on-site optimization.

This process involves altering page names, meta tags, headings and the anchor text used for internal links to include your chosen keywords, thus ensuring that the search engine robots (known as spiders) can determine what your website is about. The content of a website is also rewritten to incorporate the keywords that you want to rank highly in the search engines for, and often you will see individual pages optimized to target one specific keyword or phrase. Still, the rewritten content must also be well written for any human visitor.

Not only will it convince potential customers to buy your product or service, but first class content is often shared among the web via blog and article sites, and each time your content is referred to you will likely get a link pointing to your website.

Each back link from another website is regarded by the search engines as being an indication that your website is a quality one, and the more links you get, the higher you will rank for your chosen keywords.