Some Frequent Missteps In Article Marketing For Newbies to Avoid

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Article marketing is known to be the most effective and result yielding way to market your business online.

Article marketing is a fantastic way to spread the word about the products and services that you offer and also leads to many backlinks to your page. Your SEO strategy will benefit greatly from it. Like anything else, there are some guidelines you should follow when looking to delve into article marketing. There is a set order of steps that you will want to use to get the best results possible. There are too many online marketers that can’t get their article marketing potential where it needs to be due to the mistakes they make. Of course it is great to learn from your mistakes, but if you have the opportunity to avoid those blunders and learn from the mistakes of others, why not save yourself the trouble? Through the course of this article we will examine how to avoid the common missteps of article marketers.

One of the most repeated mistakes that article marketers make these days is they don’t follow the directions given by the directory when submitting their articles. It might not seem like it would be such a big deal to do things a little differently than the direction suggest, such as keeping a certain word count, and placing links appropriately; however, and the directories will not publish your article unless you follow their rules. If you don’t follow the letter of the law when it comes to these directories, you won’t get a published article. Different directories may have slightly different policies and not checking up on the terms for the directory you are submitting to may have several effects. One example is the fact that certain article directories place “no follow” tags after the links in the text of an article. This doesn’t work in your favor, because if a link has a “no follow” tag attached to it, the search engines won’t notice it. After all, you’re submitting your articles to these directories in order to get your links noticed. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t forego these directories completely; the traffic you get from them might still come in handy. You just want to make sure you aren’t relying too heavily on the directories for link building, instead of other sites.

Another big mistake that many marketers have made with their campaigns is to not utilize their own article content on their own sites. You may hear warnings from other article marketers who believe that you shouldn’t fill your site with your own work, since you may be slapped with the “duplicate content” penalty. But that’s just not true. Your main focus, above everything else, should be taking care of your website visitors. Article writing is the most effective way of satisfying the search engines, which are looking for the best content on websites to deliver to their customers. Your visitors will appreciate this too, because they will have access to a group of relevant articles in one place.

Writing articles and marketing them online can be a highly effective tool for any Internet business. Do it properly and you will be seen as an expert in your niche, and this can help to drive an increased amount of traffic to your site. Your job is to make your articles the highest quality you can and applicable to your subject and audience.